Success Stories

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Center of Resources, Education, Access, and Training for Economic Empowerment (WECREATE) is aimed at providing women with access to vital economically empowering resources. The resources provided enable them to move from the informal sector into the formal sector while generating momentum for measurable economic and societal change.

This page contains stories from women entrepreneurs who have achieved success through the WECREATE programs. The success stories illustrate the positive change WECREATE has brought about in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and in the livelihood of the women who engage with the programs. Through their stories you will be able to realize “who, what, where, why, when, and how” the entrepreneur achieved success.

The success stories will capture some key areas and objectives of the WECREATE Center programs such as:

  • Development of Self-Sustaining businesses | Achieved through the programs go to market strategy
  • Offering resource through Turn Key Entrepreneur Programs | The StartUp Cup portfolio of entrepreneurial programs is comprised of well-established community development models and strategies. StartUp Academy™, Build-A-Business™ workshops, StartUp Cup Mentor and Master Mentor Certification, Pitch-O-Rama™, RampUp program, and the StartUp Cup Accelerator program are proven to grow sustainable new businesses and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Launch New Startups | Through the center’s well-researched and tested experiential based business building programs, StartUp Academy, as a foundation to design, test and build sustainable businesses
  • The Creation of New Jobs | Achieved through providing women with the tools necessary to create successful businesses and jobs within their communities
  • Training Female Mentors and Coaches for entrepreneurs | Women entrepreneurs require tailored and specific mentoring support that is different from their male counterparts. Our program takes into account cultural and women-specific challenges entrepreneurs face and established methods to overcome these challenges
  • Train Female Entrepreneurial Champions | Engage the best of the best to motivate and encourage the women’s entrepreneur community through presentations and workshops with women, girls, and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Build Capacity | Mentor and train women entrepreneurs as well as propelling existing women entrepreneurs to the next level.
  • Shift Culture & Create Agents of Change | A key part of the program is to include men and boys in this process as champions of women entrepreneurs. Involving men and boys is a core part of our programming to enhance their understanding about the power of entrepreneurship and how supporting their wives, mothers and daughters can have a profound influence on their families and communities.
  • Offering Global Connectivity & Leverage Global Networks | Identify global connections to increase funding options and access to partnerships that grow sustainable businesses.
  • Access To Service Providers | Develop a connected group of entrepreneur support organizations to improve the chances of aspiring women entrepreneurs and young companies.
  • Creating Financial Access | We work with partners to identify microfinance organizations and nonbank financial institutions to increase their profitability and market share by providing integrated capacity and capital solutions aimed to meet the needs of greater numbers of underserved households and businesses.

We hope the success stories will inspire you to start working on your businesses and achieve growth despite all odd as well as join a community of entrepreneurs who call WECREATE|KENYA Home!