Robai Soita

Robai Soita – Founder Mama Gift Beadwork

The year 2016 started as usual for Robai Soita, and the last thing she expected was being part of the WECREATE Kenya business building programs.


Robai during a WECREATE Challenge pitching and judging session at the Center.

Founder Mama Gift Bead Works Robai is an entrepreneur from Kawangware community who makes bags and ornaments from recycled polythene paper and newspaper. She came to the center for a build-a-business workshop with the desire to grow a hobby she had practiced for many years and had slowly grown it into an informal business seeing her earn a humble living and take her children through school. She gained mentorship on how to better her business at the workshop and wanted to further her learning which saw her join the WECREATE Challenge and participate in the 2-day Extreme Build-A-Business workshop. She showed a lot of potential and determination to grow, which took her to the top 28 entrepreneurs who were selected by judges to go through the 6-month challenge, of coaching, implementation and pitching.

Robai Soita

Robai showing the U.S Ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec and the director of the Kenya chamber of commerce and industry, Mary Muthoni Jayson. Among other guests at the WECREATE Kenya one year anniversary celebrations.

Through only 4 months of the program, she learned a lot; from book keeping to handling customers, growing her team, marketing and product development. She realized that improving the quality of her products would attract more customers as it gave them value for money. She also slightly raised the cost of her final products and managed to attract ‘high class’ customers. A basket that used to go for Ksh. 800 now goes for Ksh. 1500, and they buy, for the quality and service she has added to it. This made her raise her business income from a net of Kshs 20,000 to Kshs 70,000 each month in a short amount of time.

Through learning how to develop a team at the WECREATE Challenge coaching sessions she has managed to share the skill, train others on how to make these recycled material bags and accessories, increase revenues tremendously and secure supply in Nigeria.

She has become a role model in the community and her family including her husband who has quit his job to help her in meeting the demands of her business.

“Asante sana WECREATE Kenya, kama singe kuja kwa training singe pata mawaitha ya kukuza biashara na kuimarisha maisha yangu”  Soita shared.