Bilha Maina

Bilha Njeri – Founder Bee and Gee Enterprises

Bilhah Njeri Maina an entrepreneur from the WECREATE Start-up Academy flight 3 realized her dream of becoming an entrepreneur after she had a fire accident while Pregnant on 8th February 2015. That was three days to her delivery. Thankfully the baby was successfully delivered through C-section but she continued to receive treatment for the burns she suffered.

Bilha 1Bilha nine months pregnant and exactly 12days before the accident








After resuming work she was unable to perform well due to her ordeal, the corporate environment was also hostile to her due to the challenges that came from her accident hence she resigned on medical grounds in April 2016. She had an infant at home that she had to fend for and the only way she would make a living was to turn to entrepreneurship. She shared her desire to start a business and through her networks, she was referred to the WECREATE Kenya center. That is when her entrepreneurship journey began and Bil-Honey was born after joining WECREATE Flight 3 15-week entrepreneur Academy.

Through the entrepreneurship classes and mentors, she learned on how to build a business model, product development, planning and going to market strategies. With her Idea of selling honey, she was also able to come up with other value added products. By the end of the academy, she managed to establish a product line with Liquid honey pacbilha 2ked in 500g and 1kg jar, Honeycombs, body cream and soap all made from beeswax, Shampoo with honey and Conditioner with Honey and Propolis good for scalp and hair growth. Royal Jelly, Propolis, pollen, a bee hive workshop, installation services and Beekeeper consultant services.


Her honey business has grown to a level whereby she is earning a decent income to support her family and by the end of the year, she plans to open a store and distribution point that will be able to see her grow her business further.

“I look forward to having many more such opportunities, training and mentorship like I am receiving at the WECREATE Kenya center. I look forward to becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs dealing with Honey Products in Kenya”.
Bilha Njeri at the recent Startup Academy Flight 3 graduation ceremony.

bilha 3Bilha Njeri at the recent Startup Academy Flight 3 graduation ceremony.

“I take this special opportunity to thank WECREATE Kenya for empowering me and also The US Embassy for the various growth opportunities like to market and sale my products within their grounds” Bilha